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We provide custom products manufactured to customer specifications.

Industrial Applications:Our products are used in a variety of industries, including: Transportation(car, motorcycle, boat, rail system, elevator); Energy(solar systems); Telecommunication systemsMedical equipmentIndustrial(test equipment, robotics); Lighting(LED, fluorescent components); Consumer electronics

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We offer an extensive lineup of products in addition to the products described here and also create custom products manu....
We offer an extensive lineup of products in addition to the products described here and also create custom products manu....


Electronic Power Transformer Manufacturer|Choke Coil Supplier

PSE - Prisource is an international design, and engineering company, specializing in the manufacture of magnetics and lighting components.
Established in 1994, Prisource now has sales offices in Taiwan & Japan and two manufacturing plants in China and Combodia with a combined workforce of more than 700, fully equipped 15,000 sq meter facilities giving us a production capacity of 5KK pieces per month to support all kinds of production processes. The international household names we supply are well known for their attention to detail and quality. We have made it our mission to assure our customers of the best quality of manufacture combined with personal service.


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Electrical Power Transformer Manufacturer.Choke Coil Supplier.
We provide reliable, energy-efficient design to meet energy efficiency requirements and specialize in supplying low voltage,high frequency electric transformers. Offering a wide range of common mode choke, choke coil design.
  • common mode choke applications and types *PSE industrial common mode chokes can be used in many applications, such as:1.Automotive applications like can bus. ;2.Suppression of radiation noise in electronic devices. ;3.USB line for PCs and peripheral equipment. ;4.Countering common mode noise affecting signals in high-speed lines. *Common Mode Choke vs. Single Choke => The main difference between the two parts is that in the common mode choke, there are two windings or multiple windings. You can have four line carriers as well, but all the windings are on a common core.
    ‧Excellent frequency characteristics
    ‧Small size and large Inductance( common mode choke inductor for EMI Filters )
    ‧Voltage rated:250 VAC
    ‧Switching power supply( common mode choke for power supply )
    ‧common mode choke filter design:EMI filter
    ‧used in monitor
  • Prisource Electronics product range Apart from customized product design proposal, original design manufacturer (ODM) and original equipment manufacturer (OEM), we are capable to offer Environment Test, Process DOE and Failure Analysis service. Product Range:1.Switching mode transformers. 2.Driver transformers 3.Compact and SMD components 4.Current sensor transformers 5.Inverters 6.HV module 7.Choke and coil 8.Common Mode Choke Line Filters